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Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine For Goiter

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Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine For Goiter

Today we will learn about the homeopathic treatment of goiter.

What is goiter?

Abnormal growth of the thyroid gland is called goiter. This thyroid gland looks a lot like a butterfly, which is located at the base of the throat, just below the larynx (male Adam's apple). Swelling of the thyroid gland causes swelling of the neck or larynx.

Homeopathic medicine for goiter

Thyroidinum is the main and good medicine for goiter. Weakness of heart, palpitations in the chest, day by day the body becomes dry, soft fluffy glands. With inert growth, the glands swell and harden like rocks. Thyroidinum is 100% effective in such symptoms.

Iodine - Iodine deficiency goiter treatment Iodine CM 2 doses, after 1 month interval. Iodine is useful if the gland is not swollen, hard, painless. The patient likes hot, he loves cold, relieves cold. Such patients are very hungry and eat a lot but the body dries up day by day, sweating with a little effort. Soft or hard-shaped goiter, weakness. Iodium is 100% effective in such symptoms.

Spongia - Children who are born with a swollen thyroid gland or goiter. The best medicine for goiter. The glands are big and hard. Sometimes the patient feels shortness of breath during sleep. Hard, very large goiter, colic pain, night cough and constipation, relieved by hot drink. Spongia is 100% effective in such symptoms.

Natrum Mur is suitable for salt-loving patients. Can't stand the cold, hot favorite,If patients feel a little cold, you get a cold.. Lots of hunger, but reluctance to eat, dryness of the body, headache during or after menstruation in women

Calcarea Carb - Suitable for patients with goiter, Excellent antisoric.  - Results 95%

Phytolacca - swelling of the right side of the throat, increased pain during the rainy season or at night, pain, tingling, restlessness, weakness. - Results 95%

Calcarea Fluor - Stone-like hardened glands, physical ailments, sore throat and burning sensation, relief in warm water, increase in cold water. Results 90%

Biochemic medicine

Mag Phos 200x is essential for goiter.

Calcarea Phos (Calc. Phos) is the main medicine for goiter. Calcarea Phos is useful in anemic patients with goiter. Calcarea Phos is beneficial if there is a lump in the middle of the goiter. Calcarea floor and Calcarea Phos of weakly bloodless, pale goiter patients together get good results in 200x, 4 + 4 = 8 in hot water in the morning and at night.

If the acidity in the body increases, the use of Natrum Phos in phases cures goiter.

Calcarea Fluor - When goiter is hard and old like a stone, it is beneficial to take 200X, 5 pills in hot water in the morning and evening for a while.

Iodine mother tincture is strictly prohibited in the throat.

Domestic Tips for Goiter

  1. Tyrosine is needed to make thyroid hormone, so eat high quality tyrosine protein foods. Food: Red meat, fish, chicken eggs and meat, bananas and sweet pumpkin seeds.
  2. If you have thyroid problems, do not eat sugar in any way. Excess sugar causes the production of T3 and T4—. Which is bad for health. Also refrain from milk, yogurt, lamb, sugar, cake, and honey
  3.  Meat, eggs, pickles, shrimps, cold foods are prohibited.
  4. Goitogenous foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, beans, peanuts, soybeans, etc. should not be eaten in excess. Eat cooked, do not eat raw. And if you have thyroid problems, you should not eat these foods.
  5. Eat gluten-rich foods to keep the immune system healthy. Food: Wheat, cereals, barley, barley should be eaten.
  6. Liver health is needed to keep the thyroid healthy. Because here T4, T3 is converted. And for the health of the liver, you have to eat foods with fatty acids. Food: Can be found in various oily fish, raw nuts, olive oil.
  7. Lack of essential iodine causes goiter so eat iodized salt.
  8. People who stay up at night are more likely to have increased thyroid problems. You need sleep to get rid of thyroid problems. However, those who work at night can make up for the lack of adequate sleep by sleeping during the day.

Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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