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Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine for Sudden Accident or illness

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Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine for Sudden Accident or illness

Today we will know the homeopathic treatment of various sudden ailments, sudden accidents like stroke or heart attack, burns, sprains, cuts, poisoning, if something falls in eye, bone injuries, sudden fainting, abdominal pain etc.

1. Heart disease or stroke

In case of sudden onset of heart disease or stroke, apply Aconite Nap 200, 4/5 dose at 10/15 minute intervals, Sulfur 200, one dose. Then apply the medicine according to the symptoms.

2. When burned

If it burns suddenly, mix  Acetic acid Q with coconut oil and apply it externally and give 1 dose of Cantharis every 2/1 hour interval. Do not take more than 5/6 dose

3. Arms and legs are sprained

In case of sudden sprains of hands and feet, apply Arnica Mont Q externally and give Arnica 200, or Rhus Tox 200, 2 doses twice a day. It will get better in 2/1 days.

4. When cut

In case of sudden cuts, apply Cassia Sophera or Ferrum Phos 3x externally. If cut with a very sharp weapon, apply Staphysagria 30, 2/3 hour intervals and in other cases use Arnica Mont 30, Ledum Pal 30, or Hypericum Perforatum 30, 2/3 hour intervals. .

5. If something falls in eye

Sulfur 30, or Silicea 200, 2/3 hour intervals of 2/3 hours is enough if something suddenly falls on the eyes. Euphrasia Q, mixed with water, should be applied externally if necessary.

6. If the bone is injured

In case of bone injury, Symphytum 6, 2/1 hour interval 2/3 dose is enough.

7. If suddenly unconscious

If you are suddenly unconscious: - Arnica Mont 200 in injury, Coffea Cruda 200 in happy news, Ignatia 30 in bad news, Glonoine 30 in sun heat, Opium 30 in fear , 10/15 minutes It is best to use 3/4 level interval.

8. Food poisonin

Aconite Nap 3x of food poisoning sufferers, every time after bowel movements or vomiting. And those who are not infected will get infallible results in 2/3 hour intervals. In this case, apply Arsenic Alb 6, or Antim Crud 6, 2/1 hour interval and 2 times a day for others until the vomiting stops.

9. Sudden abdominal pain

In case of sudden abdominal pain, Colchicum Q, 5 drops in 2/1 times will be reduced. And, if it does not decrease, Colchicum 30/200, 1 does is enough.

In addition, the stomach is swollen, irritated and painful in those cases Acetic Acid

Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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