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Homeopathic treatment and Medicine for dental diseases

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Homeopathic treatment and Medicine for dental diseases

Today we will know homeopathic medicine for any dental ailment like toothache, pain, gum pain, gum swelling, sore gums, foul odor in the gums, pain during wisdom tooth extraction, tooth malnutrition, tooth decay, black teeth etc.


  1. Plantago for toothache and ear pain - Plantago 6/30
  2. Chamomilla in Acute Toothache, The pain has affected the nerves, the mood is extremely upset - Chamomilla 6/30
  3. The pain increases when food is stuck in the tooth cavity caught by insects or cold water is given to the teeth. That is why the patient pours water into the throat and drinks it. Antimony crude is more beneficial for the patient with white coating on the tongue. - Antim Crud 200
  4. If you have pain during wisdom teeth - Merc Sol 200, Calcarea Carb 200, Mag Carb 200, Mag Carb 200, Silicea 200
  5. Toothache is aggravated by hot food. Relieve in cold water.  - Natrum Sulph
  6. If you have a toothache - Mezereum, Sepia
  7. Hekla lava works well for dental malnutrition, unbearable toothache/pain and tooth decay.
  8. Pulsatilla is very useful for children's and women's dental problems. Toothache increases in heat and is relieved in cold. Increases at night and in the afternoon and is relieved in the open air.
  9. The pain is rising towards the head, relieved in hot water - Arsenic Alb
  10. Teeth black, gums swollen - Staphysagria.
  11. From the base of the tooth, the pain goes to the eye - Spigelia.
  12. Cold mouth water is a temporary relief, but when the water is hot, the pain starts again, Coffea cruda.

Dental gum disease

  1. Mezereum: Wounds at the base of the teeth
  2. Silicea is the best medicine for pyorrhea. Wounds in the gums of the teeth are mixed with blood, if there is pus, if you put cold water in your mouth, you feel shir shil. - Silicea

Toothache and gum disease

  1. Injuries to the gums of the teeth, abscesses - wounds, insect bites, wounds at the base of the teeth, swelling of the gums, pain like colic, tooth decay, broken teeth, pain after tooth extraction, In these symptoms Hekla Lava is Infallible
  2. When something with a toothbrush touches the teeth, the pain in the teeth increases, but the pain increases when the teeth move due to loosening of the teeth, the gums swell, the gums swell, the teeth move a little, the gums get sore, and the food gets stuck in the teeth. pyorrhea is cured on the calcarea floor. - Cal Flour -200
  3. The best medicine for pyorrhea. Wounds on the gums of the teeth become red. There is pus, the rotten odor comes out through the mouth. Coldwater in the mouth is comfortable and increases pain in the heat. - Acid Flour
  4. If the tooth decays from the top. - Merc Sol

  5. If the tooth decays from the beginning. - Thuja (Thuja OC)

Pyorrhea patients should regularly brush their teeth twice a day with pure mustard oil + salt + turmeric

Dental problems in children

  1. Teeth erupt in childhood, teeth gradually turn black, decay, hard teeth erupt, break, ankle bruises, red, soft sore gums pain / pain, bleeding. - Kreosotum 200.
  2. When children's teeth erupt late (Calcarea Phos 3x), they decay quickly, with perforated teeth becoming softer at the base than normal. - Cal Phos - 200

A famous Dentist in the United States says eating Cal Phos-200 for a little longer is unlikely to cause any future toothache.

~ Source: Dr. N. C. Ghosh - Materia Medica, Page: 192

Medicine according to the symptoms and qualities of the disease

  1. Medicine for those dental patient who cannot sleep without the left tilt.  - Merc Sol
  2. In women, toothache before menstruation, unbearable pain, the patient complains of pain, increase in open air, food and water at night.

Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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