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Homeopathy treatment of children's bad habit

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Homeopathy treatment of children's bad habit

Today we will talk about how stop children's bad habit by using Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathy treatment of bad habits of the child


Theft at the young age of the child

Name of the medicine: Natrum Sulf

Such children start stealing from a very young age. He is so selfish that he has no right to anything and no power to judge. He wants to get his own thing and steals. Deception, deception, lying, his eye-catching actions. Children are depressed, effortless, indifferent and lonely.

Name of the medicine: Thuja oc

This type of child becomes an expert in the art of stealing from childhood. In order to get his job, he became a master of cheating, deception, lying, cheating, hypocrisy, backbiting and gossip (Arsenicum Album, Natrum Sulf). Almost all the crimes that people commit in secret are inside him. He cannot give up the habit even when he grows up. (Without antiseric treatment). As a result, they created a great chaos in the society. Involved in disbelief, suspicion, etc. Violence, abuse, theft, naughtiness, malice, from divorce to divorce, life becomes dark forever. But if you can destroy the poison in your childhood, the society gets a lot of relief from the present and future social pollution and chaos.

In the habit of stealing - Causticum, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Sulfur - any one high power is used.


The baby has a bad habit of eating sweets or sugar

In the child's habit of eating more sweets / sugar, Cina 200, every 3 days (3/4 dose). If it is not good, Argentum Nitricum 200 to other power, if not change Sulfur 200, thousand power 2/1 dose, of course you will get results.


The baby's bad habit of eating too much salt

Give Natrum Mur 30, every morning for a few days, if the child has a bad habit of eating too much salt. Use higher doses later if necessary. Salt should be taken out of the baby's reach while giving the medicine.


Baby finger sucking

Calc. Carb / Calcarea CarbArum Triphyllum, Calc. Phos/ Calcarea Phos), Natrum Mur, Silicea thousands to other high power uses for baby finger sucking.


The child's bad habit of lying

Opium 200 to thousands to other power in the child's bad habit of lying.


The bad habit of stealing money

Calc. Carb / Calcarea Carb is a high power in the habit of stealing money.


Lack of moral knowledge of the child

If the child has a habit of lying and stealing, Opium is from a thousand power.


The child is timid

Calc. Carb / Calcarea Carb or Silicea from the thousand power for the fearing child..


Children want to eat a variety of Objects

Children have a bad habit of trying to eat a variety of non-perishable items (such as pencils, chalk, wood, coal, gabber, etc.), Alumina, Calc Carb / Calcarea Carb, Merc Sol, Nitric Acid, Nux vom - from 200 power


Children want to eat their own feces and other dirty things

Desire to eat one's own feces and other dirty things - Sulfur from 1. Thousands power. Viret Elb from 30 power.


The child pierces a part of the body

The child always pierces a part of the body, especially the nose and lips. The blood comes out but still stings. Arum Triphyllum from 200 to other power


The Child don't want to leave his home

Who doesn't want to play, don't want to leave his home  -  Use Baryta Carb from thousand power.


The child wants to walk holding the mother's finger

The child wants to walk holding the mother's finger. - Silicea 1 thousand power


The child wants to hold the penis

The child wants to hold the penis. Malandrinum, Medorrhinum any one (or one after another). Merc Sol works well in this regard.


The bad habit of child masturbation

The bad habit of child masturbation. Platinum, Bufo Rana, Medorrhinum, Staphysagria, Origanum 30


The child has a bad habit of quarreling and fighting

Medorrhinum in the habit of fighting with the children in the neighborhood.


Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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