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Homeopathic treatment for acne

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Homeopathic treatment for acne


Today we will discuss about homeopathic treatment for acne. It's homeopathic symptoms and medicines.

Calceria Picreta

Calceria Picreta 3x or 30. A common medicine for acne in 13-20 year old boys and girls. Calceria Picreta. [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]


Pulsatilla if the acne worsens after eating rich foods / rich foods () or fatty foods and increases in heat. This is especially true during adolescence or near menstruation when acne breaks out, the patient does not like hot and prefers fresh air.

Calcarea Sulph

Calcaria Sulph (Calcarea Sulphurica) 12x works well when pus or blood-splattered rash is on the face.

Calcarea Phos

Calcarea Phos: Effective in acne of girls in face.

Sanguinaria Canadensis

Sanguinaria Can 30 – Women who have short periods and low blood pressure, for them Sanguinaria Can 30.  [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]

Kali Brom

Kali Brom: Kali Brom 3x, 30 works very well for those who have small pimples on their face, chest, different parts of the body.। If a substance like rice comes out from the acne, then Kali Brom is effective.Kali Brom 30 Best Herbs for Facial, Chest, Shoulder and Neck Acne (power 30)।

According to Dr. Clark, a British homeopathic scientist, "There are very few acne that Kali Brom does not cure.”  (Kali Brom).

A good remedy for common facial acne and pimples। Kali Brom is one of the best medicines of acne who have excessive libido and masturbation treatment.  [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]

Sulphur Iod

Sulphur Iod 30 or 200 if young people have severe pain with acne, acne with pus in their face.


Bovista twice a day for 30 days if you have acne as a result of using cosmetics, (make-up).

Thuja occi

Thuja occi 200: A good remedy for facial acne. If a rice-like substance comes out of the acne, Thuja can cure it। [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]

Berberis Aquifolium

Berberis Aquifolium Q: Externally and internally, the medicine "Berberis Aquifolium" has been shown to be particularly useful in chronic acne.

According to Dr. Dewey, "Berberis Aquifolium is useful where the skin is rough and the acne does not want to heal at all."

Dr. Boric also praised the medicine. The Berberis Aquifolium Q medicine should be taken 2 times a day in 1 to 2 drops. Externally cotton should be applied.


Sulphur 200 – Suitable for patients with chronic acne. A very useful homeopathic medicine for extremely or highly cracked acne  [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]

 Calcarea Carb

Calcarea Carb 200Calcarea Carb 200 works well when it comes to acne due to the suppression of sexual arousal in women who can't tolerate cold and have excessive sweating.

Acid Phos

Acid Phosphoricum 30 is a very effective medicine for acne due to masturbation or excessive ejaculation.

Antim Crud

Antim Crude 30 is used more effectively in the treatment of facial acne, especially on the face, small reddish-brown acne, people with digestive problems, drunkards and those who have a milky white coating on the tongue. [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]


Aurum Mur Nat

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 3X – It can be used in the treatment of women suffering from arthritis and uterine pain. [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]

Arsenicum Brom

Arsenicum Bromatum 4X Another excellent remedy for acne। [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]

Dr. A. M. Cushing

Berberis aqu

Berberis Aqu: As a result of its external use, black spots of acne on the face are removed. Many people have benefited by applying one part of mother tincture mixed with nine parts of olive oil

Natrum Mur

Netram Muer 200 is useful for acne in people who like to look dry, love to eat raw salt and take a bath to cure the disease.  [*-Dr. W. A. Dewey]


Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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