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Homeopathic Treatment And Medicine of Frequent Urination

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Homeopathic Treatment And Medicine of Frequent Urination

Homeopathic Treatment And Medicine of Frequent Urination

What is Frequent urination?

Frequent urination is the pressure or urination to urinate more than usual. A healthy adult can urinate up to 7-8 times a day, drinking too much urinate can be up to 8/9 times. However, if it is more than that, it can be called frequent urination problem. Simply if a person drinks 2 liters of water and urinates more than 7/8 times in 24 hours, it can be assumed that he has a physical problem. 

Frequent urination is also a cause of annoyance, as a result of which work is interrupted and sleep is disturbed at night. So today we will talk about Homeopathic Treatment And Medicine of Frequent Urination and Frequent Urination at night.

Homeopathic medicine for frequent urination:

Lycopodium: Lycopedium is quite beneficial for frequent urination at night. The patient often wakes up at night due to urine. Urine may be more or less but increase at night. Another characteristic associated with frequent urination is back pain which increases before urination, cravings for sweets, hot drinks, and food, Gastric symptoms such as excess gas in the stomach and constipation are seen with frequent urination, they prefer to sleep with the windows open, they are scared before trying anything.

Helonias 200: Works very well in frequent urination in adults person.

Iodium 200: It works very well if the diabetic patient is always hungry and has frequent urination.

Natrum Sulf 3x: Works very well if very weak and thirsty.

Natrum Phos 3x: Works very well if children have frequent urination.

Insolium 30 (Insulin): Diabetic patient reduces the amount of sugar in the urine and gradually heals.

Rhus Aromatic Q: Excessive urination, urination in bed, inability to maintain the speed of urination, frequent dripping urine.

Causticum 200: Works very well if you have frequent urination, are unable to maintain the speed of urination and have dripping urine on your way back. Frequent urination occurs reluctantly in winter ৃnd summer is good then Causticum is useful. With urination there are various fears and anxieties, especially the fear that something bad will happen to them. They are afraid to go to bed in the dark. These people wet their pants even when coughing or sneezing or laughing.

Acid Phos: Weakness of the body, frequent urination at night more than during the day and more thirst for water works very well.

Thuja: When the bladder is enlarged and the bladder is cut or burning pain is felt and the person urinates frequently, this remedy can bring peace. Thuja is needed for the flow of urine is like thorny or pause-resume-pause.

Homeopathic medicine for frequent urination at night

Frequent urination is most annoying at night because it disrupts sleep. Lycopodium, Merc Sol and Kreosote are good medicines for frequent urination at night.

Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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