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Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine for Children Diseases

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Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine for Children Diseases

Today we will talk about some Children Diseases, for example Baby Cholera, Stubborn Baby, Baby Stomach Illness, Baby's memory Weakness and Lung Weakness, Baby Theft at a Young Age, Newborn Baby Crying at Night, Baby Terribly Selfish, Jealous, Talkative, suspicious, Greedy, Quarrelsome, Arrogant and Cruel , Baby weak, baby congenital thyroid / goiter / gag, baby crying, baby's intelligence development is low, baby eats, baby giant obese, baby bites and it's Homeopathic treatment and medicine also.


Name of the Medicine: Cal phos -12x

Treatment of stubborn child

Treatment of stubborn child

Name of the Medicine: Nitric Acid

Children poisoned with Nitric Acid are deadly stubborn and vengeful. He will do or get what he wants to do or get. Otherwise he won't leave that place. He will force or cry until he gets. If someone beats him, he will beat him too. If he can't revenge the day of the incident, he will beat in day when he get the chance. No forgiveness feeling in his mind. 

No one gets pardoned for committing a crime against him - without revenge. When he is not able to do it in his own strength, he complains.

Some children are angry with their mother or someone else and do not eat for 2/1 days. It will break but not sprain. So stubborn!

Excessive feeding of the child leads to diarrhea / abdominal pain

Excessive feeding of the child leads to diarrhea / abdominal pain

Name of the Medicine: Iodium

Children cannot tolerate heat. Just wants a cold. Cold drinks are also absolutely adorable. His appetite is so great that he eats and eats all day, but can digest, no. As a result, he suffers from diarrhea, but still eats.

There is no end to eating. Eats again shortly after eating. Eats and defecates, defecates and eats, and becomes thin. As the body becomes thin, it becomes a skeleton, all the veins of the abdomen turn blue and its thinness is omnipresent (Calc. Phos, Medorrhinum, Argentum Nitricum, Tuberculinum, etc.).


Baby eye disease

Name of the medicine:  Kali Iodide

He sufferes from severe eye diseases since childhood. From birth, their eye system is weakened and becomes a habitat for various difficult eye diseases.

The child is very angry and uses abusive language and fights. When someone quarrels with him, uses inaudible words. Everyone is dissatisfied with his use. Even the closest relatives of the house. He cannot be in harmony with anyone.

Children are born with poor memory and lungs

Name of the medicine Medorrhinum

The child with this disease has congenitally weak memory and lungs and suffers from cold, cough and shortness of breath from birth. The common cold is caused by another cold. Suffers from Neamania, Bronchiamenia. Thus day after day continues and shortness of breath begins. Even their parents don't know when they start suffering from cold.

The baby's body is short and his memory is not good. Read books. Can't remember They are weak in math. He is always scared to think that someone is coming to catch him. Feels hot at night.

Occasionally children are affected by cholera or severe diarrhea.

The body gradually becomes weak and thin. Can't bear a little cold- cold occurs. He lies on his back. Sometimes he sleeps with his hands on his head. However, he sleeps more on his back and his memory is very low - but his evil intellect is very high.

They like bright light. Alame doesn't light flickering. Wants everything to be seen clearly in bright light.

Appetite is high and eating is enough, but suffers from malnutrition. Urinating in bed at night. Urine is very smelly.

Anemia, dry, thin, weak memory, short and obese children.

He wants cold air but can't bear cold. (Magnesia Muriatica, Nitric Acid). If he go to the market, he returns without buying 2/1 of it or leaves it in the shop after buying it.. Eats more sweets. More thirsty.

If the toxin is not treated by treating the toxin in its infancy with high energy, the child may develop uterine or breast cancer or tumor later in life, or be paralyzed or paralyzed, or suffer from asthma or blood pressure.

Severe menstruation or lack of menstruation occurs and gradually becomes infertile (someone's kidneys are destroyed or stones form in it) or there is a lot of foul-smelling and itchy discharge or inflammation of the uterus or its displacement or sore throat.

Theft at the young age of the child

Name of the medicine: Natrum Sulf

Such children start stealing from a very young age. He is so selfish that he has no power to judge which thing is his or which thing is not his. If he likes anything he wants it as his own, otherwise he steals. Deception, lying, his eye-catching actions. Children is depressed, effortless, indifferent and likes loneliness.

Name of the medicine: Thuja oc

This type of child becomes an expert in the art of stealing from childhood. In order to get his job, he became a master of cheating, deception, lying, cheating, hypocrisy, backbiting and gossip (Arsenicum Album, Natrum Sulf). All the crimes that people commit in secret are almost inside him. He cannot leave the habit even when he grows up. (Without antiseric treatment). As a result, they created a great chaos in the society. Involved in disbelief, suspicion, etc. Violence, abuse, theft, naughtiness, malice, from divorce to divorce, life becomes dark forever. But if you can destroy the poison in your childhood, the society gets a lot of relief from the present and future social pollution and chaos.

In the habit of stealing - Causticum, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Sulfur - any one high power is used.

Baby winter dermatitis

Name of the medicine: Petroleum.

All these children get various skin diseases in winter. At the same time the skin of the hands, feet and even the whole body is torn. If his skin disease is suppressed by ointment or injection, then gastic pain comes later. In summer, dermatitis gets better on its own. Reveals again in winter. Creates double vision in the eye.

Petroleum will cure a child or a person if he seeing doubles things during illness or without any illness, that is, if he sees one to two or two to four. The child loves cold and the child is thin and has diarrhea.

Today we will talk about some Children Diseases, for example Baby Cholera, Stubborn Baby, Baby Stomach Illness, Baby's memory Weakness and Lung Weakness, Baby Theft at a Young Age, Newborn Baby Crying at Night, Baby Terribly Selfish, Jealous, Talkative, suspicious, Greedy, Quarrelsome, Arrogant and Cruel , Baby weak, baby congenital thyroid / goiter / gag, baby crying, baby's intelligence development is low, baby eats, baby giant obese, baby bites and it's Homeopathic treatment

If the child bites

If the child bites

Name of Medicine: Phytolacca

Phytolacca cures such babies if they act like biting their teeth or biting their mother's breast or biting someone else at the time of teething or any other time. Many mothers complain that the baby gets infected with some of the diseases while in the habit is coutinuing or immediately after the bite.

Children are terribly selfish, jealous, talkative, skeptical, lavish, quarrelsome, arrogant and ruthless.

Such children are terribly selfish, jealous, talkative, skeptical, lavish, quarrelsome, arrogant and ruthless. He does not want to give anything to his siblings. Everyone wants to enjoy it alone and he does it.

Not all things are satisfied with too much or too little. He wants more. He is so greedy that showing him a little greedyness does great harm to others. He is so jealous that he harms himself but hurts the interests of others.

Speaking of the impossible. There is no end to the words (talkative), one topic to another topic - speaks fluently, He does not listen to others, he talks to others. When he see someone whispering something, he suspect that something is being said about him - and he transforms into quarrel. 

He thinks that there is no one greater and more suitable than him, he is the only good and beautiful one, that he deserves - why should he take or share with others? If not, it creates quarrels or violence. Murders or steals when necessary , it has to be his. 

If there are more than one such child in a family, there will be quarrels day and night. Injustice goes on in a terrible form. One hell of unrest. Making his family hell by beating, crying and thinking of himself as the greatest honest. This is his character. Disease is on the left side of the body. It increases during or at night sleep.  

Some people commit serious murders or hijackings for the sake of a small amount of money and destroy others. As a result is death from cancer or blood pressure or Gangrene. Someone dies of gastric ulcer.

But if you change your nature in high power in childhood, you will live as a good person. Does not harm others and society as well as oneself. He himself may die in peace.

Child spontaneous, depressed and weak

Child spontaneous, depressed and weak

Name of the medicine: Silicea

Makes an inability to absorb nutrients in food, therefore, the body is worn out and the child is unhappy, exhausted and weak. Due to the effect of this poison, the head grows bigger from birth on the forehead and forehead, armpits and hands and feet sweat more. It stinks.

The stomach stays high. All diseases increase or arise in full moon and new moon. The spine bends during dentition. The teeth become deformed and grow.

Baby's congenital thyroid/goiter by birth

This type of baby is born with a swollen thyroid gland or goiter. This is his strange extraordinary sign. Goiter is a tubercular disorder. As soon as this operation is done, the disease appears. Therefore homeopathic treatment should be done without surgery.

Otherwise, in later life, tuberculosis, especially asthma or heart disorders, can lead to lifelong suffering or death.

As a result of this poison, whooping cough occurs occasionally in childhood and causes great pain. It can even cause death by suffocation during sleep. The cough is dry. Nothing falls. Coughing, the child bends, but the cough does not stop. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Dirty baby

Dirty baby

Sulfur poisoned children are very dirty, wears dirty clothes, he sleeps in a dirty bed or with a sheet washed. does not feel any hatred in it, if the blood comes out due to itching or any other reason, it may be eaten. 

Accumulates or plays with something else that is worthless, and cries out when someone else snatches or throws it away. Accumulates any other bad thing as valuable or play with it , and when someone else takes it away or throws it away, he cries a lot. 

He don't want to take a bath, because bathing is his trouble, bathing him is a big hassle, If there is skin disease, it increases. Also, he doesn't like bathing even though he has skin disease, because he feels bad when he touches the water. 

But he can't stand the heat and doesn't like bathing. Thirstless - the word is also worth remembering

The child wants to eat his own excrement and dirt. Sulfur 200, or 1000.

Children's aversion to food

Children's aversion to food

Children are reluctant to eat, do not want to eat anything - Symptoms Calcarea Carb 30 (Calcarea Carb) 30, 1 dose and per day 3/4 dose or Silicea (Silicea) 200, 1 dose.

The baby sucks fingers all the time

The baby sucks fingers all the time

Calcarea Carb or Calcarea phos or Silicea needs 1000 or higher powser than 1000 for the symptoms of finger sucking all the time.

Children always eat

The child always eats, abnormal appetite. For such symptoms, Calcarea phos 200, 1 dose every 3 days, a total of 5/6 doses is enough.

The child's intelligence is low

Due to the lack of intelligence in the child, 7-10 days after the use of 2/1 dose of Baryta Carb High Strength, unexpected results can be obtained by using Medorrhinum and Syphilinum High Strength.

The baby is abnormally fat

The baby is abnormally fat

Children that have a tendency to become abnormally obese.- Calcarea Carb 200 or higher power than 200

Baby's constipation

Alumina or Bryonia 30, a few doses in the child's constipation.

Baby cries

Baby cries

Unbearable abdominal pain in infants, even newborns. The baby cries like crazy; He struggle in pain and folds his legs. Magnesia phos can make him fall asleep instantly.

That is why Magnesia phos is called baby sleep song.

Children's crying nature, whining all the time, does not want to leave the mother's lap.  Chamomilla 6/30, 3 times a day, for a total of 2 days.

Necessary medicine. You have to be fascinated by its quality. The child is bloodless, dirty, sick, never sleeps once a day, Just crying, whining or laughing a lot during the day, playing; But at night very annoyingly, the child cries both day and night, but he cries more at night than day. (Similar to Jalapa) - Psorinum - 200

Baby cries on the day

Baby cries all day, can't bear anything, cries even if someone blesses or thanks - Lycopodium

Baby cries at night

Name of Medicine: Syphilinum

This type babies cries at night only. everything that happens in the disease increases at night, saliva drips from the mouth (baby boy, young, old, everyone), excessive sweating, urinating in bed, thick tongue, excessive temper tantrums and irritability, foul-smelling wounds and discharge almost persist, discharge tingling. There is interest in drinking milk but it is not digested (Mag Carb, Mag Mur).

The baby stays well during the day but cries at night - Jalapa 30 - Only 1 dose

Syphilinum 200 or 1M power, if a baby crying for no reason. Dr. Chatterjee


Baby asthma:

For children with asthma, we use Morgan 200 to CM power. Where Natrum Sulf, Arsenic Album and various other asthma medicine have failed completely, I have cured Morgan by 200 and 1000 power.. - Dr. W., b. Griggs

Diseases of the newborn:

1. Aconitum Nap 200, one dose is sufficient if the Urine or stool is closed. However, it is better to divide 1 dose into 3 doses and feed it every 2/3 hours.

2. If the newborn does not cry, Aconitum Nap 200 should be fed according to the above rules.

3. If the newborn has a cold, Dulcamara 30 should be fed according to the above rules.

4. Antimonium Tartaricum 30 or Kali Sulf 3x, 2 pills 3 times a day if the newborn baby has a ringing in the chest.

5. If the newborn does not breastfeed, China 3x or Calcarea Phos 3x, three times a day.

6. Newborn baby's milk is not tolerated, vomiting when eaten- in such a situation, Aethusa Cynapium 30 should be fed according to the above rules. (rule - 1)

Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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