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Homeopathic treatment and medicine for gastric, acidity and digestive problems

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Homeopathic treatment and medicine for gastric, acidity and digestive problems

Gastric English word, which means various difficulties in the digestive / digestive process. Allopathy has medicines to relieve gastric disease, but there is no permanent cure. Homeopathy has descriptions of its various symptoms, medicines and permanent cures. But you have to take medicine for a long time with faith, then you will get a cure.The main cause of this disease is constipation. All the diseases that come from constipation is 

  • Gastric
  • Ulcers
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Gauge
  • Fistula
  • Anal cancer

If we can save ourselves from constipation then I, you, family and all the people of the country will get rid of the above diseases. Today we will discuss homeopathic medicine and medicine for gastritis.


There is gas in the lower abdomen, which is relieved by fartStingy - stingy in his own time but a donor/giver for others. He does not dare to do any work at first, but he can do it perfectly when he starts work. Diseases that occur 4 pm - 8 pm, right side disease, good medicine for VIPs and high profile people. When they go to the market, they have the necessary money in their pockets, but they buy the worst product in the market, their medicine is Lycopodium.

Carbo Veg

There is gas in the upper abdomen, lime-flavored burp ,which is relieved by fart. Wants to eat what makes the disease worse. Flatulence with solid stools. Stomach upset after eating (sounds inside abdomen)

Nux Vom

Those who do not do any physical work, work all day sitting in one place, do more mental work, insomnia / waking up at night, desperate to sleep but do not fall asleep, allopathic / herbal medicine fails, indigestion by eating fried burnt, polao meat, political leader, drinking heavily (alcohol), repeated attempts at defecation and relaxation after defecation, desire to defecate again and again in any disease, relieves after defecation / sleep / vomiting. Stubborn, jealous, hot, cold, clean, sound, smell and touch are often unbearable to him. Chest irritation and fart. This results in nausea and vomiting but not. The tongue is covered with a butter-like layer, the stomach goes out of control


Diarrhea, vomiting, arginine or indigestion after eating fats, oils, ghee in the evening. Drinking milk and milk products causes indigestion and gas. The taste of the food is bitter, bitter or sour burp; Bad taste of food

Hydrastis Can

Hunger, disgust, jaundice, bitter taste, can not eat vegetables, constipation

Ornithogalum - Q

Medicines for wounds, inflammation, irritation wounds in different parts of the digestive system - Ornithogalum Q


Abdominal pain, relieved with a little pressure, very angry, very angry, the origin of a disease after being very angry. Vomiting, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, brain/mental problem. - Colocynthis 3x


  • The baby loves to leave the bed and sleep on the floor of the house
  • Drinking more water than food
  • He doesn't want to move himself, but they annoys others by issuing orders, they want to do whatever they say.
  • Body, mind, clothes are all dirty. The furniture and the table of the house are all in a mess, as if he doesn't understand what is cleanliness.
  • In the morning the mind wakes up quickly because of defecation pressure
  • Reluctance in milk, fish, eggs, meat.
  • He thinks he is big by lying down.
  • Likes to talk religious but not religious in itself.
  • Very imaginative, selfish and jealous.
  • When you enter a hot room, your face turns yellow.
  • The skin on the fingertips rises.
  • It hurts in the anus (wounds) and imagines unreal / imaginary, the sound of rolling in the anus
  • The scalp, the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet are hot and burning feeling
  • All types of gastric are used.


Heartburn with nausea or vomiting and fart. It is also very suitable during pregnancy.

Natrum Phos

Hyper acidity, sour smelling sweat, nausea and strong smelling vomiting, sour liquid vomiting like vinegar. Stomach ulcers, stomach ulcers with sour burp

Arsenicum Album

Dirty or acid / sour taste, hot burning sensation in esophagus; Strong smelling liquid, nausea, sour belching and mucus vomiting. Urregular and rapid pulse, trembling of hands and feet and chills, stomach pain and anxiety. Drink small amounts of water frequently and vomit as soon as you drink. Nausea, nausea and vomiting of mucus.


Abdominal discomfort only relieves burp. Sour and bitter burp or foul-smelling air, increased disease after eating at night and at night, burp and vomiting without digestion even after having food in the stomach for a long time. China - 3x


Stomach irritation and burning of the stomach, nausea, vomiting without nausea The sooner the gastric increase, the sooner the vomiting occurs or desire for cold food. Stomach is weak, stomach is empty and stomach is weak. The body dries out quickly and anemia occurs

Ferrum met

Ferrum met is a great remedy for heartburn and vomiting immediately after a meal


Gastric biochemical medicine

Calcarea Phosphorica: Gastric, stomach gas, food is not well digested, rheumatism and indigestion weakness, usually effective in physical and mental weakness.

Kali Muriaticum: The tongue is white, gastric, oily food is not digested, sore throat, runny nose, children's problems and wounds are effective in healing.

Natrum Phosphoricum: Effective in gastric, flatulence, acidic odor in vomiting, increased blood pressure, stomach problems, heartburn and rheumatism.

Magnesia Phosphoricum: Flatulence and heartburn, acid reflux, it is a type of biochemical ingredient that is very effective in relieving muscle cramps, nerve thickening, flatulence and intestinal contractions.

Dr. Abdul Hannan Mia (B,A)

D.H.M.S (Dhaka)

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