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Homeopathic treatment and medicine for high blood pressure

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Homeopathic treatment and medicine for high blood pressure

Today we will discuss about homeopathic treatment and medicine for high blood pressure (hypertension)

People who are suffering from high blood pressure or high blood pressure should eat 2 cloves of garlic regularly every day, they will get 100% relief. Please see, Garlic Natural Antibiotic.

Homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure/hypertension:

Aconite Nap 30: Aconite Nap before meals. Aconite's patient is delirious with the disease, telling the date of death.

Belladonna:  Headache, redness of the eyes, throbbing of the arteries, sudden loss of consciousness due to high blood pressure, excessive heat, work tension, sudden agitation, increase in blood pressure. sudden pain, the pain comes suddenly, the eyes and face become red, the place of pain is hot, red, irritated and sensitive (Belladonna is best applied to these four symptoms). Fear at the slightest sound can not lie down. - Belladonna 30 (Belladona) After meal. Chance - 100% (Belladonna and Aconite Nap respectively / one after the other)

Rauwalfia Serp: An excellent medicine for high blood pressure. Rauwalfia Serp is an excellent remedy for headaches, dizziness, insomnia, body aches and restlessness. Raul Fia Q is mixed in 10/15 drops of water twice a day. Chance - 100%

Crataegus Ox increases heart rate. Chest palpitations are less.

Glonoine: Severe throbbing pain in the head due to high blood pressure, the patient becomes restless after the headache, the rage is very tense and the rage is the main cause of the headache. The feeling of having a big head, then it comes in handy. Glonoine 1x two drops with a little water frequently, several doses are beneficial. Chance - 95%

Viskam Alb: Excessive chest tightness, difficulty breathing, inability to lie on the left side, extreme heaviness in the chest, inability to stand in any position, izziness, headache, drowsiness, constant feeling of anger, burning sensation throughout the body. It is an effective medicine for high blood pressure. Viskam Alb Q 10 drops three times a day with a little cold water. Chance - 75%

Lachesis: The head gets hot for a small reason, the head feels big, the anger increases during sleep so sleep is very scary. Intoxication, high blood pressure, cold and touch are not tolerated. - Lachesis, chance - 95%

Lycopus 30/200: Benefits from increased blood pressure, heart pain, rapid pulse

Ambra Gresea: It is effective in the symptoms of excessive blood pressure, pain in the scalp, chest tightness, hearing loss in the ears, chest tightness, insomnia, etc. Ambra Gresea 6/30 three times a day.

Arnica Mont: Falling for blood pressure and becoming unconscious, falling asleep, feeling sleepy, numb due to rupture of numb arteries like paralysis of body and hands.. Chance - 75%

Cephalandra Indica: Used especially in diabetic patients with high blood pressure. Headache , dizziness, bands-feet, eyes-face burning like fire, intense thirst for water, relief of burning in cold water. For such symptoms Cephalandra Indica Q 3/4 drops in cold water three times a day. Chance - 90%

Glonoinum 1X, 1 drop, Crataegus Q - 5 drops, Passiflora Q - 8/10 drops, apply these three drugs at the same dose in 2/3 hour intervals. Or test each drug three times a day, three times today, Glonoinum three times a day, Crataegus three times a day, and Passiflora three times a day.

Source: homoeobangla

Biochemic treatment of hypertension/blood pressure

Kali Phos and Natrum Mur: According to Biochemical, these two medicines are excellent for high blood pressure. 6X or 12X 3-4 pills in one dose of hot water is reduced by playing for one or half hours in a row during the course of the disease.


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